Find Your Red Thread: Make Your Big Ideas Irresistible

  • 4h 5m 25s
  • Tamsen Webster
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2022

You have a terrific idea. It's so powerful that it could change a life, a market, or even the world. There's just one problem: others don't see its power—yet. If you truly value the possibility of your idea, then you're ready to find your Red Thread—the through line that connects your idea to your audience's hearts and minds.

The best part is, the Red Thread already exists. It's the connection that makes the invisible link between your audience's problem and your solution tangible—and actionable. With the Red Thread, you'll inspire audiences to act and get the outcome you're both looking for.

Renowned speaker, consultant, and TEDx idea strategist Tamsen Webster shares the same step-by-step process she's taught to hundreds of clients, helping them deliver memorable presentations, keynotes, marketing campaigns, TED talks, and more. Once you master this process, you'll be able to guide your audience through the maze of ideas and options—and through the maze of their own minds.

About the Author

Tamsen Webster has spent the last twenty years helping experts drive action from their ideas. Part message strategist, part storyteller, part English-to-English translator, her work focuses on how to find and build the stories partners, investors, clients, and customers will tell themselves—and others. Tamsen honed her expertise through work in and for major companies and organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Harvard Medical School, and Intel, as well as with start-ups that represent the next wave of innovation in life science, biotech, climate tech, fintech, and pharma. For over seven years, she's served as executive producer and idea strategist for one of the oldest locally organized TED talk events in the world (TEDxCambridge). Tamsen was a reluctant marathoner . . . twice; is a champion ballroom dancer (in her mind); and learned everything she knows about messages, people, and change as a Weight Watchers leader. True story.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Story of the Red Thread
  • Chapter 2 - Application, Outcome, and Audience
  • Chapter 3 - The Goal
  • Chapter 4 - The Problem
  • Chapter 5 - The Truth
  • Chapter 6 - The Change
  • Chapter 7 - The Action<s>
  • Chapter 8 - The Goal Revisited
  • Chapter 9 - The Red Thread Storyline
  • Chapter 10 - The Red Thread Throughline
  • Conclusion: Putting Your Red Thread to Work