Good People: The Only Leadership Decision That Really Matters

  • 9h 46m 34s
  • Anthony Tjan
  • Random House
  • 2017

Leaders love to say that any company is only as good as its people but tend to evaluate candidates and employees more by their measurable accomplishments than by their "softer" qualities, like integrity, compassion, and other values. Best-selling author Anthony Tjan is leading a movement to change the way we think about goodness so that we can become better judges of people and create more goodness in ourselves, in others, and in our organizations.

Tjan argues that while competence is necessary, real goodness must also encompass values; a fantastic résumé can never compensate for mediocre character. In Good People, he provides a clear language to discuss goodness, redefining it as a lifelong, proactive commitment that, like any skill, can be exercised, honed, and taught. When leaders prioritize goodness in themselves and in others, they can create lasting cultures and tremendous value.

Drawing from his own experiences as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Tjan also taps in to the wisdom of his relationships and interviews with extraordinary innovators, executives, artists, academics, teachers, and role models from all disciplines and walks of life.

The cases and profiles shared include: Harvard Business School dean Nitin Nohria, who has called for balancing leadership of competency with leadership of character; Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who has never forgotten her roots and shows profound kindness to her staff and clerks; Hollywood talent manager Shep Gordon, who has counseled his clients on the importance of generosity and gratitude; legendary venture capitalist Henry McCance, whose success proves that humbly ceding the spotlight to others makes room for their greatness; and master jazz musician Clark Terry, who devotedly mentored the young, blind pianist Justin Kauflin.

Packed with practical yet often surprising advice, Good People establishes a new language and framework you can use to evaluate, develop, and lead with goodness. Tjan will convince you that there is a hard truth in the "soft stuff" of business and that choosing and working well with good people is truly the only leadership decision that really matters.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - A First Encounter with Goodness
  • Chapter 2 - A New Framework and Language for Goodness
  • Chapter 3 - The Foundation: Truth
  • Chapter 4 - The Human Factor: Compassion
  • Chapter 5 - The Ultimate Quest: Wholeness
  • Chapter 6 - Pragmatism versus Idealism
  • Chapter 7 - Short-Termism versus Long-Termism
  • Chapter 8 - Vulnerability versus Conviction
  • Chapter 9 - Idiosyncrasy versus Connectedness
  • Chapter 10 - Grit versus Acceptance
  • Chapter 11 - Beyond Ordinary Mentorship
  • Chapter 12 - Becoming a Better Judge of People
  • Chapter 13 - Wrapping it Up: It's All Up to You