Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World's Most Successful Companies

  • 9h 15m 1s
  • Charles G. Koch
  • Random House
  • 2015

A must-read for any leader, entrepreneur, or student, as well as anyone who wants a more civil, fair, and prosperous society, Good Profit is destined to rank as one of the greatest management books of all time.

In this Audiobook

  • INTRODUCTION: A Win-Win Philosophy
  • CHAPTER 1: The Glorious Feeling of Accomplishment: Life Lessons from My Father
  • CHAPTER 2: Koch After Fred: Building with Stones That Fit
  • CHAPTER 3: Queens, Factory Girls, and Schumpeter: The Incredible (Sometimes Terrifying) Benefits of Creative Destruction
  • CHAPTER 4: Overcoming Bureaucracy and Stagnation: Economic Concepts to Set You Free
  • CHAPTER 5: Learning from Adversity: Koch's Major Failures in Applying MBM®
  • CHAPTER 6: Vision: Guide to an Unknown Future
  • CHAPTER 7: Virtue and Talents: Values First
  • CHATTER 8: Knowledge Processes: Using Information to Produce Results
  • CHAPTER 9: Decision Rights: Property Rights Inside the Organization
  • CHAPTER 10: Incentives: Motivating the Right Behavior
  • CHAPTER 11: Spontaneous Order in Action: Four Case Studies in Market-Based Management®
  • CHAPTER 12: Conclusion: The Real Bottom Line


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