Good Work: Aligning Skills and Values

  • 58m 7s
  • Daniel Goleman, Howard Gardner
  • More than Sound
  • 2008

Many of us seek Good Work - work which is excellent, personally meaningful, and ethical. Our challenge is to forge these elements into a rewarding, profitable career. In this spirited dialogue, Daniel Goleman and Howard Gardner give us the tools to do just that. Dr. Gardner's research, insight, and expertise into Good Work help us turn our ideals into reality, and connect who we are with what we do.

In this Audiobook

  • The Meaning of Good Work
  • Categories of Good Works in Three “E”: Excellence, Engagement and Ethics
  • The Fourth “E”: Emphathy
  • Three Tests for Good Work
  • Advice for Someone to Start a Career
  • Profit and Ethics Roles for Good Work
  • Is There a Life Cycle Dimensions to Good Work?
  • Common Examples of Good Work in a Simple Way
  • Are Some Professions More Naturally Aligned for Good Works than others?
  • The Role of Reflection in Good Work
  • Philanthropy Role in Good Work
  • Education Role in Good Work
  • Designing a Program for Increasing Capacity in Good Work
  • Characteristics of Ethical Mind
  • Advice to Young Workers for Excecuting Good Work


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