Hidden Truths: What Leaders Need to Hear But Are Rarely Told

  • 7h 29m 43s
  • David Fubini
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Hidden Truths is an audiobook about leadership that every existing or future leader must listen to. It offers insights about C-suite jobs that few employees really understand - insights that can help them help their leaders perform better and prepare themselves to be leaders. When everyone from board members to junior executives are on the same page as to leadership roles and responsibilities, the organization performs at a higher level.

Hidden Truths is also an “inside baseball” book. There’s an inherent fascination with the position of CEO and other high-level organizational jobs - especially leadership positions at the world’s top companies - and this book will satisfy listeners’ curiosity about what goes on in the minds and offices of CEOs and other leaders at global companies like American Airlines, General Electric, Con Agra, DuPont, Lenovo, Suntory and many others. As a top consultant to leaders at these and other companies, I witnessed business history in the making. I’ll share what I saw.

Hidden Truths provides practical knowledge that will not only help leaders do their jobs better, but assist boards, HR, consultants, and others in working effectively with these executives. One of the book’s themes is that appearance is not reality. By that Fubine means that much has been written and discussed about the apparent roles and responsibilities of CEOs and managing directors and other leaders. Courses are taught in MBA and executive development programs that provide a lot of information about the job. Direct reports and teams also observe leaders in action. But it’s not until you assume a leadership job that the reality of the position hits home. The reality is that leaders operate in a crucible, one in which emotions run high and interpersonal relationships are at risk. Being in the spotlight, not having nearly enough hours in the day to address key issues, confronting right-versus-right decision - all of this ratchets up the degree of difficulty.

The good news that Hidden Truths delivers, however, is that awareness of the critical capabilities and issues that come with the territory - capabilities and issues that often take leaders by surprise - goes a long way toward helping leaders perform at a high level. He argues nine essential skills can keep leaders deliver success - both professionally and within their organizations.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Arrive Prepared
  • Chapter 2 - Avoid Half-Truths and Misperceptions
  • Chapter 3 - Adopt a Constituent Consciousness
  • Chapter 4 - Start Change Management by Changing the Management
  • Chapter 5 - Avoid Becoming Isolated
  • Chapter 6 - Manage the Mentorship Conundrum
  • Chapter 7 - Use Role Modeling as a Change Tool
  • Chapter 8 - Use Psychic Rewards, Not Just Monetary Ones
  • Chapter 9 - Getting on Board with Your Board
  • Chapter 10 - Do Good While Doing Well
  • Chapter 11 - Embrace the Value and Reality of Diversity
  • Chapter 12 - Know When to Leave
  • Chapter 13 - Plan a Post-Leadership Life
  • Chapter 14 - Strive for Authenticity
  • Chapter 15 - Seeking Truths in the Future


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