The Future of Human Resources: Unlocking Human Potential

  • 3h 14m
  • Tim Baker
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2022

“Tim’s timely, thought-provoking book challenges some of the long-held mindsets and perspectives and offers an alternative path for the future of HR. –David Concannon, Head of Insights & Strategy, Employer Branding Australia

“There are some brilliant insights and a must read for those who are trying to get the very best from their employees.” –Dr. Peter W. Beven, Director QUTeX Open Professional Education, GSB, QUT

Warp speed change is now a constant. What do organizations need to do to maximize the potential of their employees in the new reality?

The tired cliche that employees are our greatest asset is false. It’s unlocking the potential of employees that’s the greatest asset.

THE FUTURE OF HUMAN RESOURCES confronts the conventional employment practices of selecting, inducting, developing, rewarding, and exiting employees. This book is a comprehensive blueprint for HR professionals to make the necessary changes to accommodate a new mentality.

Thirteen traditional practices are challenged, and fresh, practical pathways offered. Dr. Tim Baker, according to leadership guru, Marshall Goldsmith, is “one of today’s most influential HR experts.” He offers new insights about what’s still considered conventional wisdom, such as employee induction, the job description, and succession planning.

THE FUTURE OF HUMAN RESOURCES provides you with a roadmap to navigate the post-Covid world of work.

About the Author

Dr. Tim Baker is a thought leader, international consultant, and successful author ( He was recently voted one of The Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders by the World HRD Congress, which is awarded by a distinguished international panel of professionals “who are doing extraordinary work” in the field of HRD. In 2018, Tim was a Finalist in the Learning Professional of the Year for the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning Professionals Awards. His consulting firm WINNERS-at-WORK Pty Ltd was listed in the Top 10 Change Management Consulting Service Companies in APAC 2020 (HR Tech Outlook).

In this Book

  • Testimonials
  • Introduction
  • The Changing World of Work
  • A World Without Work?
  • Employee Purpose, Potential, and Perspective
  • The Employee Lifecycle Framework
  • The Big HR Mindset Shifts
  • Shift 1—Past Performance to Future Potential
  • Shift 2—Induction to Integration
  • Shift 3—Onsite to Hybrid Working
  • Shift 4—Them and Us to Collaboration
  • Shift 5—Training to Multidimensional Learning
  • Shift 6—Job to Nonjob Roles
  • Shift 7—Job Description to Role Description
  • Shift 8—Job Design to Job Redesign
  • Shift 9—Competition to Partnership
  • Shift 10—Technical Knowhow to People Leadership
  • Shift 11—Appraising to Developing Performance
  • Shift 12—Carrot and Stick to Human Spirit and Work
  • Shift 13—Exit Interviews to Building Networks
  • Action Plan
  • Notes
  • References