How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

  • 13h 7m 38s
  • David Bornstein
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Published in more than two dozen countries, How to Change the World has become a bible for the field of social entrepreneurship. It tells the stories of people building innovative and pattern-changing solutions to social and economic problems.

Like Fabio Rosa, who brought solar energy to villagers across Brazil, or Javed Abidi, who expanded work for disabled people in India, or Veronica Khosa, who built the first network providing home care for people with AIDS in South Africa, social entrepreneurs have pioneered models that are reshaping the 21st century.

Social entrepreneurs are bold, creative, and driven. They embrace change and demonstrate new possibilities. How to Change the World provides vivid profiles, looking at the personalities, strategies, and techniques they have in common. Listeners will discover how one person can make an astonishing difference in the world.

This edition includes a new foreword by the author that shows how the concept of social entrepreneurship has expanded and unfolded in recent years.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Restless People
  • 2. From Little Acorns: Do Great Trees Grow
  • 3. The Light in My Head Went on: Fábio Rosa, Brazil: Rural Electrification
  • 4. The Fixed Determination of an Indomitable Will: Florence Nightingale, England: Nursing
  • 5. A Very Significant Force: Bill Drayton, United States: The Bubble
  • 6. Why was I Never Told about This?
  • 7. Ten—Nine—Eight—Childline! Jeroo Billimoria, India: Child Protection
  • 8. The Role of the Social Entrepreneur
  • 9. “What Sort of a Mother are You?”: Erzsébet Szekeres, Hungary: Assisted Living for the Disabled
  • 10. Are They Possessed, Really Possessed, by an Idea?
  • 11. If the World is to Be Put in Order: Vera Cordeiro, Brazil: Reforming Healthcare
  • 12. In Search of Social Excellence
  • 13. The Talent is Out There: J. B. Schramm, United States: College Access
  • 14. New Opportunities, New Challenges
  • 15. Something Needed to Be Done: Veronica Khosa, South Africa: Care for AIDS Patients
  • 16. Four Practices of Innovative Organizations
  • 17. This Country Has to Change: Javed Abidi, India: Disability Rights
  • 18. Six Qualities of Successful Social Entrepreneurs
  • 19. Morality Must March with Capacity: James Grant, United States: The Child Survival Revolution
  • 20. Blueprint Copying
  • 21. Conclusion: The Emergence of the Citizen Sector