How to Win Client Business When You Don't Know Where to Start: A Rainmaking Guide for Consulting and Professional Services

  • 7h 17m 21s
  • Barry Abrams, Doug Fletcher
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

How to Win Client Business When You Don't Know Where to Start: A Rainmaking Guide for Consulting and Professional Services serves as an invaluable and indispensable guide for everyone in the business of selling professional and consulting services. Author Doug Fletcher dives deeply into the five skills required to "make it rain":

  • Create your personal brand identity.
  • Demonstrate your professional expertise.
  • Build your professional ecosystem.
  • Develop trust-based relationships.
  • Practice everyday success habits.

How to Win Client Business When You Don't Know Where to Start provides a masterclass in teaching the practical techniques and concrete strategies that professional services providers were never taught in school or on the job. Pragmatic lessons take the place of the vaguely defined principles found in competing books to turn listeners from sales novices into rainmakers.

Written by the same celebrated author who brought listeners the best-selling book How Clients Buy, How to Win Client Business When You Don't Know Where to Start is perfect for any professional services provider or consultant who seeks to dramatically increase their book of business.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Things Rainmakers Do That Most of Us Don't: The Five Rainmaker Skills: Universities Don't Teach Us and Our Firms Don't Train Us
  • Chapter 2 - How Clients Buy: Understanding the Client's Buying Decision Journey
  • Chapter 3 - Where Clients Come from: Understanding the Key Client Pathways
  • Chapter 4 - Rainmaking for Introverts and People Who Don't Want to Sell: Winning Client Business While Being True to Yourself
  • Chapter 5 - Decide What You Want to Be Known for and Who You Wish to Serve: You Can Be Known for Anything, But You Can't Be Known for Everything
  • Chapter 6 - The Power of Focus: The Key to Being Remembered
  • Chapter 7 - Choosing Your Specialty: Shrink the Pond Until You're a Big Fish
  • Chapter 8 - You Can't Sell Beyond Your Credibility Zone: The Cautionary Tale of EDS
  • Chapter 9 - How Clients Tell Who the Real Experts are: Clients Need Clues That We are Really Good at What We Do
  • Chapter 10 - How to Toot Your Own Horn without Looking Like a Jerk: Proven Techniques for Demonstrating Your Expertise
  • Chapter 11 - Using LinkedIn to Build Your Credibility: It Won't Make the Cash Register Ring, So What's it Good for?
  • Chapter 12 - The Two Hundred People You Need to Know: The Closest Thing to Knowing Something is Knowing Where to Find it
  • Chapter 13 - Does Cold-Calling Work? And What to Do If it Doesn't: Remember What Mom Said: Don't Talk to Strangers!
  • Chapter 14 - Making Friends in a Natural Way: How to Get an Introduction without Seeming Pushy
  • Chapter 15 - I Can't See the Forest for the Trees: Segmenting Your Ecosystem into Three Distinct Groups
  • Chapter 16 - Why Advertising Doesn't Work for Us: Leveraging Your Firm's Brand Reputation and What to Do When You Don't Have One
  • Chapter 17 - What is Trust and Where Does it Come from? Do Clients Really Hire People They Like?
  • Chapter 18 - Conversation Skills for Introverts (and the Rest of Us, Too): Using Small Talk to Find Common Ground
  • Chapter 19 - The Art of Keeping in Touch: Finding Opportunities to Be Thoughtful and Helpful
  • Chapter 20 - Transparency is Good, Right? How and When to Be Transparent
  • Chapter 21 - The Daily Habits of Successful Rainmakers: The One Hour Each Day That Will Build Your Career
  • Chapter 22 - Making the Rainmaker Skills Stick: 66 Days That Will Shape Your Future
  • Chapter 23 - Finding Your Rainmaker M.O.: Building a Rainmaker System That Works for You
  • Chapter 24 - Thoughts on Becoming a Rainmaker: Stop Trying to Be Wonder Woman or Superman
  • Chapter 25 - Finding the Work That You Love: And What to Do When You Don't
  • Chapter 26 - A High Road with a Long View: Parting Words as You Begin Your Rainmaker Journey