I'll Pray for You: And Other Outrageous Things Said to Disabled People

  • 5h 28m 1s
  • Hannah Setzer
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2024

In I'll Pray for You and Other Outrageous Things Said to Disabled People, Hannah Setzer volunteers to go first and say the things that we all think, but rarely say. Hannah has lived her whole life as a disabled woman and is here to share her story, though don't think for a second that this is inspiration porn. In fact, Hannah's disability is the least interesting thing about her!

I'll Pray for You is full of . . .

  • parenting fails,
  • awkward stories, like that time Hannah fell down a manhole,
  • discovering and accepting your identity, and
  • fun, eye-opening real-talk from a disabled woman

Hannah is a rebellious writer, a disability rights activist, and a movement enthusiast. She's best known as the creator of "Feeding Tube Fitness," where she often overshares most aspects of her life. She is the owner of Hannah's Handcrafted, a small business making and selling high quality elderberry products. She most recently founded Growing Inclusivity, a nonprofit aiming to build an accessible playground in Virginia. She is here to instill hope that you, too, can chase your dreams (and your chickens) if you want to. This book of essays from her life aims to do just that!

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - When the Rebellion Began
  • Chapter 2 - The National Zoo/ I Can’t Understand You
  • Chapter 3 - A “Shocking” Adventure
  • Chapter 4 - Popping Balloons: It’s Not a Party
  • Chapter 5 - The Time I Pooped Outside the Post Office
  • Chapter 6 - My Body Remembers It All
  • Chapter 7 - Dating Confession
  • Chapter 8 - My Love Story
  • Chapter 9 - It’s Normal to Have Breakdowns at the Pediatrician’s Office, Right?
  • Chapter 10 - Chicken Lizzo, and Other Animal Tails
  • Chapter 11 - Why I Want You to Intentionally Move
  • Chapter 12 - The Time I Fell Down a Manhole
  • Chapter 13 - Running Stories: That’s Right, Running
  • Chapter 14 - The Moon is Round
  • Chapter 15 - Bad Hours Don’t Equal Bad Days
  • Chapter 16 - If You Can Feed Six Chickens, You Can Feed Thirty-Six Chickens
  • Chapter 17 - I’m Not Inspirational
  • Chapter 18 - I’m Tired
  • Chapter 19 - Becoming a Supermodel
  • Chapter 20 - Hold onto Your Elderberries
  • Chapter 21 - Which Box Do I Check?
  • Chapter 22 - The Final Disco Hour