Inside Vanguard: Leadership Secrets From the Company That Continues to Rewrite the Rules of the Investing Business

  • 10h 4m 47s
  • Charles D Ellis
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2022

This rare intimate look at Jack Bogle and his world-changing investment organization provides invaluable lessons for investors, for business leaders, and for historians of finance

One of the world's largest, fastest-growing, and most trusted investing institutions, Vanguard serves over 30 million clients, manages more than eight trillion dollars, and is an influential industry disruptor.

Now, Charles D. Ellis reveals the story behind Vanguard's rise to the top of the investing world. Provided unprecedented access to Vanguard's leaders, including Bogle himself, Ellis explains why Bogle started Vanguard and how he developed it into an investment industry disrupter and, eventually, an industry leader. Along the way, you'll learn practical lessons about: active investing, index investing, ETFs, mergers, and building and running a business.

Ellis includes in-depth interviews with the executives and key leaders of Vanguard, clear takeaways and lessons from their experiences, a primer on ETFs, and Jack Brennan's Leadership Principles. From the emergence of index funds to the success of exchange-traded funds, Inside Vanguard is a near-Shakespearian drama of individual human struggle and triumph.

About the Author

Charles D. Ellis is the author of 19 books on business and investments. His classic Winning the Loser’s Game, now in its eighth edition, was lauded by Peter Drucker as “by far the best book on investment policy and management.” Founder of Greenwich Associates, an international strategic consulting firm focused on financial institutions, Ellis chaired Yale University’s investment committee and the CFA Institute, served on the investment committees of, or as an adviser to, several of the world’s largest endowments and sovereign wealth funds. Recognized by the CFA Institute as one of 12 leading contributors to the investment profession, he has taught advanced investing courses at Yale and Harvard and the CFA Institute program at Princeton.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: The Vanguard Adventure
  • CHAPTER 1 - Bogle's Beginnings
  • CHAPTER 2 - A Merger Made in Heaven
  • CHAPTER 3 - Troubles Brewing
  • CHAPTER 4 - At War with Wellington
  • CHAPTER 5 - Out of the Ashes
  • CHAPTER 6 - The Cost-Fee Nexus
  • CHAPTER 7 - Active Investing
  • CHAPTER 8 - Index Investing
  • CHAPTER 9 - Exchange-Traded Funds
  • CHAPTER 10 - Changeover
  • CHAPTER 11 - Bogle's Legacy
  • CHAPTER 12 - Partners Again
  • CHAPTER 13 - Brennan's Ways
  • CHAPTER 14 - Capital Power
  • CHAPTER 15 - Flywheel
  • CHAPTER 16 - Tim Buckley
  • CHAPTER 17 - Advice
  • CHAPTER 18 - Setting Boundaries
  • CHAPTER 19 - Looking Ahead
  • Afterword