It's Time to Talk about Race at Work: Every Leader's Guide to Making Progress on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • 5h 2m 36s
  • Kelly McDonald
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

Conversations about controversial topics can be difficult, painful, and emotionally charged. This user-friendly guide will help you engage in effective, compassionate discussions with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers about race, immigration, gender, marriage equality, sexism, marginalization, and more.

We talk every day—and we often do it without thinking. But, as you well know, there are some things that are harder to talk about—especially issues pertaining to politics, culture, lifestyle, and diversity. If you’ve ever struggled in a conversation about a “controversial” topic with a loved one, work colleague, or even a stranger, you know exactly how uncomfortable and heated the discussion can become. And even if you are one of the lucky few that expresses themselves eloquently, how do you move beyond mere “lip service” and turn words into actionable change?

This groundbreaking book will show you how to get to that important next level in difficult conversations, to talk in an authentic and straightforward way about culture and diversity, and to speak from the heart with tools from the head. Using a simple eight-step approach, you’ll learn communication strategies that are supported by research and have been practiced in classrooms, work meetings, therapy sessions, and more.

We constantly hear about friends and colleagues whose family members are not speaking to each other because of different political opinions, who’ve exchanged words that have mutually offended one another. If silence is one end of the continuum and verbal conflict anchors the other, how do we reach a middle ground? How do we take part in the “in between” spaces where both parties can speak and listen?

With this book as your guide, you’ll learn to navigate these difficult conversations, and take what you’ve learned beyond the conversation and out into the world—whether it’s through politics, social justice movements, or simply expanding the minds of those around you.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - This Book is for Everyone, but Especially White Listeners
  • Chapter 2 - You're Not Racist, but You Have Blind Spots
  • Chapter 3 - The High Cost of Bias: Why All-White or Mostly White Businesses Make Less Money
  • Chapter 4 - The Business Case for Diversity
  • Chapter 5 - The Excuses People Use to Avoid Doing Anything about Diversity
  • Chapter 6 - Well-Intentioned Things White People Say That are Hurtful or Offensive to others
  • Chapter 7 - Why Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts Haven't Done the Job
  • Chapter 8 - How to Talk about Race in Helpful and Positive Ways: Do's and Don'ts
  • Chapter 9 - Answers to Tough Employee Questions and Racist Remarks
  • Chapter 10 - Where to Start When You Don't Know Where to Start: Eight Steps to Making Progress on DE&I
  • Chapter 11 - How to Build Business Relationships with People Different Than You
  • Chapter 12 - What to Do If You See or Hear Casual Racism or Sexism at Work
  • Chapter 13 - Recruiting and Interviewing Diverse Candidates
  • Chapter 14 - Mentoring, Networking, and Checking in: Three Big Ways You Can Help Your Diverse Employees Succeed
  • Chapter 15 - The Leader's Role: Guiding and Setting the Example
  • Chapter 16 - Reducing Tokenism and Bias: Give Your Diverse Employees and Suppliers a Genuine Seat at the Table
  • Chapter 17 - Dealing with Naysayers and Derailers
  • Chapter 18 - You're Not Finished. Keep Trying. Keep Evolving.


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