Lead from the Core: The 4 Principles for Profit and Prosperity

  • 7h 44m 56s
  • Jay Steinfeld
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

Jay Steinfeld, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the founder and CEO of Blinds.com (acquired by Home Depot), never planned to create the biggest online window blinds retailer in the world.

Against all odds to succeed, Steinfeld's journey in business included failed acquisitions, partnerships gone wrong, perpetual self-doubt, deaths in his family, corporate buy-outs, brutal market competition, and a complete disruption of industry leaders, including Amazon and big-box retailers.

To build something meaningful like Steinfeld, you need to do more than dream about it. You need to Lead from the Core.

Learn Steinfeld's "Four E's" - a set of guiding principles that help overcome any obstacle to your organization's success: Evolve Continuously, Experiment Without Fear of Failure, Express Yourself, and Enjoy the Ride.

In this book, you'll also learn specific, actionable tactics, including: how to start a business with little money and experience; ways to avoid the early failure that plagues many businesses; strategies to scale beyond the startup phase; exactly how to communicate with boards and investors; and proven lessons to attract potential acquirers of your company.

About the Author Jay Steinfeld founded and wasthe CEO of GlobalCustom Commerce,which operates theworld’s numberone online windowcovering retailerBlinds.com. Boot-strapped in 1996for just $3,000from his Bellaire, Texas, garage, Global CustomCommerce was acquired by The Home Depot in2014. Jay remained as its CEO and later joinedThe Home Depot Online Leadership Team. Afterstepping away from these roles in early 2020,he has increased his involvement on numerousprivate company boards and serves as a directorof the public company Masonite (NYSE: DOOR).He also teaches entrepreneurship at RiceUniversity’s Jones Graduate School of Businessand supports numerous charities. Jay is anErnst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and hasearned a Lifetime Achievement Award fromthe Houston Technology Center. Active as anindustry speaker on topics including corporateculture, core values, how to scale a start-up, anddisruption, he has more than 100 publishedarticles. He also sings in the same barbershopquartet of which he’s been a part of for nearly50 years. He lives with his wife, Barbara, inHouston, Texas, and has five children and sevengrandchildren whom he proudly refers to as hisseven start-ups.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Before It’s Too Late
  • Chapter 2 - The Beginning of Magic: Why You Don’t Need to Know Everything at the Start
  • Chapter 3 - Hail to the Light Bulb: How to Experiment Without Fear of Failure
  • Chapter 4 - Get Real: The Power and Pitfalls of Growth
  • Chapter 5 - Mind the Gaps: Readying Yourself and Your Team for the Inevitable Disruptions and Stress
  • Chapter 6 - One Thing. Just One Thing: Crafting the Right Culture
  • Chapter 7 - In Systems We Trust: How to Scale Beyond the Startup Phase
  • Chapter 8 - Giving and Taking a Punch: Maximizing Stakeholder Relationships
  • Chapter 9 - The Orange Blossom Trail: Proven Lessons to Overcome the Poor Odds of a Successful Merger
  • Chapter 10 - Smart with Money, Smarter with People: The Huge Payback of Authentic Generosity
  • Chapter 11 - Half Full and Half Empty: The Secret to Simultaneously Dealing with Disparate Dilemmas
  • Chapter 12 - It’s Never Too Late