Leading the Necessary Revolution: Building Alignment in Your Business for Sustainability

  • 2h 39m 23s
  • Daniel Goleman, Peter Senge
  • More than Sound
  • 2009

Sustainability is the biggest business opportunity in 50 years – it’s starting now, and the landscape will never be the same. Some managers clearly see their chance to be ahead of this curve. The single biggest challenge facing them now is creating alignment – explaining their vision in a compelling, motivational way – to get from the conceptual stage to critical action.

Peter Senge can help. He’s been helping organizations learn for decades – and he’s found that no matter where you are in your firm, you can drive the shift to sustainability – if you have the right approach, tools, and vision.

In this Audiobook

  • The Sustainability Conversation
  • A Business Case at Every Stage
  • Consumers and Mental Models
  • Get the System into the Room
  • Reaching across Boundaries
  • Value Proposition
  • The Human Feedback Loop
  • Leading Sustainability in Your Business