Marketing Mess to Brand Success: 30 Challenges to Transform Your Organization's Brand (and Your Own)!

  • 7h 58m 34s
  • Scott Jeffrey Miller
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

"Owning your mess and being vulnerable makes you an even stronger leader and Scott Miller shows you exactly how." (Dave Hollis, best-selling author of Get Out of Your Own Way)

One man's mistake is another man's lesson. Don't let Scott Miller's success story fool you. He has made and learned from many mistakes in his career. Featuring 30 chapters with challenges like "A Name Is Not a Lead" and "Hire People Smarter Than You", Marketing Mess to Brand Success shares a career's worth of horrifying mistakes, missteps, and lessons learned. Whether you're starting a new company, a brand manager figuring out the best brand strategy or brand positioning for a niche market, or trying to land your first job as a marketing manager or brand manager, this book is designed to prepare you for many of the inevitable challenges that you will encounter.

Avoid marketing messes and square up to successes. A marketing crash course will not make you a marketing star. But having a better understanding of the role of marketing in business development and making sure you're focused and aligned with the right areas of an organization may. Each chapter inside Marketing Mess to Brand Success features true stories and relevant questions that challenge you to become a better marketing manager.

In this Audiobook

  • Challenge 1 - It's the Customer, Stupid
  • Challenge 2 - Marketing is Not Just a Division
  • Challenge 3 - Stay Close to the Cash
  • Challenge 4 - Become the Leader of Business Development
  • Challenge 5 - Understand and Define Your Charter
  • Challenge 6 - Decide Your Own Tenure
  • Challenge 7 - Bruise Hard and Heal Fast
  • Challenge 8 - Lots of Stuff Won't Work
  • Challenge 9 - Don't Only Do What You Know and Like Best
  • Challenge 10 - Augment Your Business Acumen
  • Challenge 11 - Define Your Smallest Viable Market
  • Challenge 12 - Install Processes to Harness Creative Minds
  • Challenge 13 - More is Not Better; Better is Better
  • Challenge 14 - Be Willing to Change Your Mind
  • Challenge 15 - Friend Your Competition
  • Challenge 16 - Never Forget You Have Two Buyers
  • Challenge 17 - Hire People Smarter Than You
  • Challenge 18 - Leave the Stunts to Hollywood
  • Challenge 19 - Choose the Right Measures
  • Challenge 20 - Develop Personas and the Customer Journey
  • Challenge 21 - Speak Their Language
  • Challenge 22 - Build Lists That Matter
  • Challenge 23 - Leverage Your Promoters
  • Challenge 24 - The Responsible Resurgence of Print
  • Challenge 25 - Build and Model Consistent Brand Standards
  • Challenge 26 - Evaluate Your Trade-Show Strategy
  • Challenge 27 - Navigate All Things Digital
  • Challenge 28 - Develop Your Storytelling Craft
  • Challenge 29 - Hone Your Writing
  • Challenge 30 - Set and Challenge Your Quality Standards