Mastering Communication at Work, Second Edition: How to Lead, Manage, and Influence

  • 7h 27m 40s
  • Ethan Becker, Jon Wortmann
  • 2022

Excellent communicating skills have always been crucial to success in leadership and management roles—and that's one of the reasons the first edition of this book, Mastering Communication at Work, has been an international bestseller taught at universities and referred to by leading CEOs. In the years since it was first published, it's been the go-to "communication playbook," helping leaders develop strategic responses and communication tactics with clear, actionable advice.

What's changed in the last ten years? Well, nothing—and everything. The fundamentals of effective communication are the same, as are many of the challenges leaders face, generation after generation. What has changed, however, is how some of the fundamentals and challenges are applied and met in today's world—both real and virtual, in remote and on-site working environments.

Mastering Communication at Work, Second Edition features an essential new chapter on remote team communication along with additional content on equitable leadership and updated case studies. Throughout, you'll find practical, hands-on advice and strategies that can help you reach your potential when preparing for big conversations and important presentations, help you reduce everyday stress, and improve your organization's performance at every level.

About the Author

Jon Wortmann is an advisor and speaker on leadership, communication, and building trusted relationships. Trained at Harvard University, he has consulted with educational, nonprofit, startup, and Fortune 100 organizations. He is the principal at Muse Arts, LLC, a think tank and consultancy for leaders. Visit his Web site at

Ethan F. Becker is president and senior coach/trainer for the Speech Improvement Company, the oldest communication coaching and training firm in America. He has worked with Apple, IBM, Canon, the New York Giants, the F.B.I., Harvard University, and other clients across the globe.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Match Your Listener's Tendency
  • Chapter 2 - Manage Your Ethos
  • Chapter 3 - Speak to Motivate
  • Chapter 4 - Frame
  • Chapter 5 - Validate
  • Chapter 6 - Add Color
  • Chapter 7 - Defensiveness
  • Chapter 8 - Meetings
  • Chapter 9 - Delegation
  • Chapter 10 - Feedback
  • Chapter 11 - Presentations
  • Chapter 12 - Hiring Interviews
  • Chapter 13 - Virtual Communication
  • Chapter 14 - Communication as a Hard Skill