NLP: The Essential Handbook for Business: Communication Techniques to Build Relationships, Influence Others, and Achieve Your Goals

  • 6h 49m 1s
  • Jeremy Lazarus
  • Gildan Media
  • 2014

NLP: The Essential Handbook for Business is a straight-talking, highly practical guide to using NLP to significantly improve your results at work. Whether you want to be a better leader, manager, negotiator, salesperson, or decision-maker, you can learn proven NLP techniques that will boost your career as well as the performance of colleagues and the organization itself.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: What Is NLP and How Can It Help You?—Overcoming the challenges you face at work
  • Chapter 2: Communication at Work—What really happens when people talk?
  • Chapter 3: Attitudes That Count—The mindset for business success
  • Chapter 4: Achieving Your Goals—How to set and reach your targets
  • Chapter 5: Building Relationships at Work—How to get people on your side
  • Chapter 6: Communicating in Everyone's Language—Altering your style to suit the listener
  • Chapter 7: The Power of Language—Advanced speaking and listening skills at work
  • Chapter 8: Organizational and Personal Alignment—Walking your talk
  • Chapter 9: Managing Your Thoughts—How to change the way you think
  • Chapter 10: The Right State—How to create it for you and others
  • Chapter 11: Seeing Other Perspectives—A key to understanding and insight
  • Chapter 12: Changing the Meaning of Events—Turning negatives into positives and handling objections
  • Chapter 13: Changing Beliefs—Simple and powerful ways to alter your thinking
  • Chapter 14: Values—The key to motivating and influencing
  • Chapter 15: Meta Programs—A deeper understanding of how to influence people at work
  • Chapter 16: Modeling—How to replicate excellence at work
  • Chapter 17: Applications of NLP—Reference guide when using NLP for specific work activities


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