Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior

  • 2h 53m 18s
  • Beverly D. Flaxington
  • Gildan Media
  • 2013

Understanding Other People contains the tips and tools you need to understand what people are really saying when they talk to you, deal effectively with difficult people in your life, excel in your personal and business communications, come across confidently in interviews, lead high performing teams, work effectively with almost anyone, take charge of your own actions and reactions, and ultimately understand other people!

In this Audiobook

  • Secret Number One: It's All About Me
  • Secret Number Two: Our Behavioral Styles Come Between Us
  • Secret Number Three: Your Values Speak Louder Than You Do
  • Secret Number Four: Don't Assume I Know What You Mean
  • Secret Number Five: I'm Okay: You Are Most Definitely NOT Okay
  • Putting It All Together: What to Do Next?


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