Online Learning for Dummies

  • 13h 56m 13s
  • Kevin E. Johnson, Susan Manning
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

Get your best education online.

Whether you're a college student, adult learner, or professional in continuing education, some - and sometimes all - of your learning will happen in a virtual classroom. This audiobook is your friendly guide to the fast-growing possibilities of this world, from choosing the right course and mastering the software to polishing up your online communication and study skills.

Whatever you want from your study experience - school success, professional development, or just pursuing your passion - this is your road map to online educational success! This audiobook will teach you to find the right course for you, prep successfully for classes, manage time online, apply for study funding, transfer credits, master the software, get the right hardware, and develop online etiquette.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Planning for Your Online Learning Journey
  • Chapter 2 - The Traits and Benefits of Online Learning
  • Chapter 3 - The Equipment and Skills You Need to Succeed
  • Chapter 4 - Discovering What's Available Online
  • Chapter 5 - Doing Your Homework: Evaluating Schools
  • Chapter 6 - Applying to School and Securing the Cash
  • Chapter 7 - Getting Accepted and Prepping for Class
  • Chapter 8 - Mentally Preparing and Having a Technology Mindset
  • Chapter 9 - Navigating the Learning Environment
  • Chapter 10 - Meeting the People in (and Around) Your Classroom
  • Chapter 11 - Communicating Clearly Online
  • Chapter 12 - Developing Good Study Habits for Online Courses
  • Chapter 13 - Getting a Handle on Group Dynamics
  • Chapter 14 - Recognizing We are Global
  • Chapter 15 - Understanding Netiquette and Ethical Behavior
  • Chapter 16 - Finishing and Submitting Your Assignments
  • Chapter 17 - Building a Portfolio of Work
  • Chapter 18 - Educating Students from Kindergarten Through High School
  • Chapter 19 - Accessibility in Online Education
  • Chapter 20 - Ten Myths about Online Learning
  • Chapter 21 - Ten Best Practices for Online Learners — Including Self-Care