Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

  • 2h 9m 54s
  • Holger Rathgeber, John Kotter
  • Random House
  • 2016

Most of the denizens of the Antarctic penguin colony sneer at Fred, the quiet but observant scout who detects worrying signs that their home, an iceberg, is melting. Fred must cleverly convince and enlist key players, such as Louis, the head penguin; Alice, the number two bird; the intractable NoNo the weather expert; and a passle of school-age penguins if he is to save the colony.

Their delightfully told journey illuminates in an unforgettable way how to manage the necessary change that surrounds us all. Simple explanatory material following the fable enhances the lasting value of these lessons.

In this Audiobook

  • Welcome
  • Our Iceberg Will Never Melt
  • The Iceberg Is Melting and Might Break Apart Soon!!
  • What Do I Do Now?
  • Problem? What Problem?
  • I Cannot Do the Job Alone
  • The Seagull
  • Getting the Message Out
  • Good News, Bad News
  • The Scouts
  • The Second Wave
  • The Most Remarkable Change
  • Changing and Succeeding
  • The Eight Step Process of Successful Change
  • The Role of Thinking and Feeling