Overcoming Ageism: HBR Women at Work

  • 4h 40m 6s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Combat age discrimination in your workplace.

Everyone experiences age-related bias at some point in their careers, but for women the costs are greater. Sure, there are laws and organizational rules prohibiting age-related discrimination, but lived experience shows there's no "right age" to be a woman. Whether you're seen as too old or too young, ageism affects the opportunities you have access to, how others perceive you, and how much your contributions are valued.

Overcoming Ageism offers stories, research, and advice about navigating gendered age discrimination and bias at work. From advocating for yourself to ensuring continual learning and curiosity, you'll learn how to show others the unique expertise you bring to the organization and take back control of your career growth. This book will inspire you to:

  • Establish your credibility with those around you
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Build a support system across age groups
  • Work together to end age bias in your organization

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In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: It’s Never the Right Age to Be a Woman
  • Chapter 1 - Aging Up, Not Out
  • Chapter 2 - Am I Old Enough to Be Taken Seriously?
  • Chapter 3 - Is That Conflict with Your Colleague Really About Age Difference?
  • Chapter 4 - Convey Your Experience When Meeting Someone New
  • Chapter 5 - Building a Personal Brand at Work— No Matter Your Age
  • Chapter 6 - You’re Not an Imposter. You’re Actually Pretty Amazing
  • Chapter 7 - Advice for Early Career Professionals
  • Chapter 8 - Make Continuous Learning a Part of Your Daily Routine
  • Chapter 9 - Staying Up to Date in Your Field, Even as You Age
  • Chapter 10 - Why You Should Take on More Stretch Assignments
  • Chapter 11 - Learning Across Generational Divides
  • Chapter 12 - How to Make Friends Across Age Gaps at Work
  • Chapter 13 - Mentorship Goes Both Ways
  • Chapter 14 - Build a Circle of Advisers
  • Chapter 15 - How to Say “No” to More Work
  • Chapter 16 - Five Ways to Respond to Ageism in a Job Interview
  • Chapter 17 - The Stigma Around Menopause Is Real
  • Chapter 18 - When You’re Younger Than the People You Manage
  • Chapter 19 - How Organizations Can Recognize— and End—Gendered Ageism
  • Chapter 20 - Six Ways to Move from Allyship to Activism
  • Chapter 21 - Three Strategies to Bridge Generational Divides at Work
  • Chapter 22 - I Was a Manager in an Ageist Workplace