Overcrowded: Designing Meaningful Products in a World Awash with Ideas

  • 7h 38m 16s
  • Roberto Verganti
  • Gildan Media
  • 2017

The standard text on innovation advises would-be innovators to conduct creative brainstorming sessions and seek input from outsiders -- users or communities. This kind of innovating can be effective at improving products but not at capturing bigger opportunities in the marketplace. In this book Roberto Verganti offers a new approach -- one that does not set out to solve existing problems but to find breakthrough meaningful experiences. There is no brainstorming -- which produces too many ideas, unfiltered -- but a vision, subject to criticism. It does not come from outsiders but from one person's unique interpretation.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 Innovation of Meaning: Thriving in an Overcrowded World
  • 2 The Search for New Meaning: The Value for People
  • 3 Competing through Meaning: The Value for Businesses
  • 4 Innovation from the Inside Out: Making Gifts
  • 5 The Art of Criticism: The Quest for a Deeper Vision
  • 6 Envisioning: From Me to People
  • 7 The Meaning Factory: Insiders' Criticism
  • 8 The Interpreter's Lab: Outsiders' Criticism