Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World

  • 11h 5m 15s
  • Christine Arylo
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Ask any woman if she feels overwhelmed, and you'll likely get an eye roll and a "duh". Adding to her sense of overload may be books hectoring her to "Lean In", "Lean Out", "Dare to Lead", and "Work It". Even advice aimed to soothe - urging meditation, yoga, and unplugged weekends - can increase a sense of inadequacy when one can't find the time or money for these worthy suggestions. And if one does, asserts Christine Arylo, she is often treating the symptoms, rather than the root cause, which is why she can't seem to end the burnout cycle of overwork and over-giving. First and foremost, Arylo assures women that if all their leaning, logging off, and downward-dogging aren't doing the trick, "It's not your fault"! She replaces outdated bits of "conventional wisdom" with elevated versions and offers intensely practical and realistic solutions, including her "Five Points of Liberation". Her approach takes women out of the shoulds that surround them and into their inner wisdom in ways that allow them to authentically live, love, and lead while making self-supportive choices.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Release: Do, Be, and Have it AllEmbrace: Choose What's Right for You
  • Chapter 2 - Release: Maintain Work/Life BalanceEmbrace: Cultivate Harmony
  • Daring Act of Liberation #1: Give Your Life a Harmony Adjustment
  • Chapter 3 - Release: Drain Your Energy, Get Sick or Burn Out, Then RefillEmbrace: Cultivate and Retain Your Life Force, Daily
  • Chapter 4 - Release: Start the Day Harried and HackedEmbrace: Start the Day Connected and Protected
  • Chapter 5 - Release: Manage StressEmbrace: Release Stress
  • Daring Act of Liberation #2: Bookend Your Days
  • Chapter 6 - Release: It's Better to Give Than ReceiveEmbrace: It's Better to Give And Receive
  • Chapter 7 - Release: Work Hard to SucceedEmbrace: Work Wise to Thrive
  • Chapter 8 - Release: Do it on My OwnEmbrace: Receive Support and Sisterhood
  • Daring Act of Liberation #3: Get Your Giving and Receiving into Harmony
  • Chapter 9 - Release: Make and Find More TimeEmbrace: Create and Claim Space
  • Chapter 10 - Release: Make it All Happen NowEmbrace: Focus on What Matters
  • Chapter 11 - Release: Push. Force. Strive.Embrace: Pause. Flow. Pace.
  • Daring Act of Liberation #4: Reset Your Weekly Rhythm
  • Chapter 12 - Release: Take it All OnEmbrace: Stay Focused on My Part
  • Daring Act of Liberation #5: Embrace Your Power to Release the Pressure