Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All

  • 5h 36m 11s
  • Bernard T. Ferrari
  • Gildan Media
  • 2012

Nothing causes bad decisions in organizations as often as poor listening. But Bernard Ferrari, adviser to some of the nation's most influential executives, believes that such missteps can be avoided and that the skills and habits of good listening can be developed and mastered.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 Listening Is Worth the Effort
  • 2 What Kind of Listener Are You?
  • 3 Respect Your Conversation Partner
  • 4 How to Keep Quiet—Most of the Time
  • 5 Challenge All Assumptions
  • 6 Keeping Your Focus
  • 7 What Is The Mandate?
  • 8 What Is the Plan?
  • 9 What Is the Team?
  • 10 How Will We Get It Done?
  • 11 Is It Getting Personal?
  • 12 Connecting Better Listening to Better Judgment
  • 13 Changing Your Organization through Listening