Primal Teams: Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance

  • 7h 31m 53s
  • Jackie Barretta
  • Gildan Media
  • 2014

Emotion, more than anything else, spells the difference between stellar and mediocre team performance. Fear, anger, frustration, and other negative feelings, can endanger a group's dynamic. But positive emotions have the power to transform it into a high-performance engine, where everyone operates at their peak.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Hidden Energy: Unleashing Maximum Potential
  • Chapter 2: Primal Emotion: Shifting Emotions at the Source
  • Chapter 3: The Scary Stuff: Processing Fear and Negativity
  • Chapter 4: Emotional Contagion: Spreading Coherence in a Team
  • Chapter 5: The Sixth Sense: Detecting Emotions
  • Chapter 6: The Engaged Heart: Connecting to a Deeper Purpose
  • Chapter 7: Primal IQ: Activating Insight and Intuition
  • Chapter 8: Team Spirit: Building Emotional Bonds
  • Chapter 9: The Balanced Culture: Restraining Runaway Egos


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