Respect Trumps Harmony: Why Being Liked is Overrated and Constructive Conflict Gets Results

  • 4h 19m 8s
  • Rachael Robertson
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Develop a high-performing team based on a culture where respect trumps harmony

As teams become more diverse, we won't always see eye to eye. We won't agree on everything, and we may not even like each other. In order to achieve results, we need to have robust, candid, and constructive discussions. Respect Trumps Harmony offers a proven approach to navigating the difficulties faced in teams and workplaces today. To build collaboration; strengthen innovation; and manage safety, risk, and well-being, it's critical that there is a foundation of respect, not harmony.

Developed during author Rachael Robertson's time leading one of the toughest workplaces on the planet - Davis Station, Antarctica - and further informed by over 15 years of research, case studies, and feedback, Robertson suggests that harmony in the workplace is overrated, and can even be dangerous, and that above all else, respect is the key ingredient of a high-performance culture. A focus on respect over harmony improves everything from morale to productivity.

Respect Trumps Harmony integrates the three pillars at the core of Robertson's leadership practice: no triangles, the bacon wars, and lead without a title, enabling you to:

  • Manage conflict and put an end to gossip
  • Improve accountability and the quality of feedback,
  • Recognise and manage dysfunctional behaviour
  • Build collaboration to strengthen innovation
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Inspire trust and confidence by displaying personal leadership, and encourage others to do the same irrespective of their title

Respect Trumps Harmony is a contemporary leadership handbook, essential for all modern leaders and those who wish to transform the culture within their own team.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Harmony — The Road to Mediocre
  • Chapter 2 - Change is Now Business as Usual
  • Chapter 3 - No Triangles: The Importance of Direct Conversations
  • Chapter 4 - The Bacon War: What Seems Trivial Could Be Titanic
  • Chapter 5 - Lead without a Title: Hold on to Your Talented Staff and Share the Load
  • Chapter 6 - Edge Moments
  • Chapter 7 - Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership
  • Chapter 8 - Implementing No Triangles
  • Chapter 9 - Research Results and Feedback
  • Chapter 10 - Research Evidence and Conclusions