Retail Success in an Online World: How to Compete and Win in the Amazon Era

  • 5h 42m 56s
  • Rob Fishman
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

With all the technological and economic shifts leading to significant change in the world of retailing, it's important to understand what really works - as well as what really doesn't - in the current retail selling environment. Surviving and thriving in this market means not just meeting, but exceeding, customer expectations. In this book, you learn what makes that possible: a nurturing relationship...combined with a tested, repeatable, zero-pressure sales process.

Even in the face of revolutionary changes facing owners of small and mid-sized retail shops, what remains constant is the need for direct, personal interaction with a customer who needs help. That help comes most powerfully in the form of nurturing, real-time, in-person support for buyers who are facing a problem they haven't yet solved...or who need in-person guidance in creating a successful outcome on an important purchase. For these customers, face-to-face interactions still matter.

Getting nurturing support from a real, live human being is part of how our species is wired. It is one of the main reasons face-to-face retail continues to be a part of the shopping landscape, and can never be fully replaced with a 100% online experience. Retail Success in an Online World shows how to harness this basic human need, so you can compete, and win, in the Amazon era.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. What is Your Retail Sales Process?
  • 2. Good Enough or Excellent?
  • 3. Nurturing in Action
  • 4. “How Long Have You Been in Sales?”
  • 5. Choose Your Zone
  • 6. The Success Triangle
  • 7. First Impressions Matter
  • 8. When 1+1=3, or Changing the Game
  • 9. Comfort and Mutual Understanding: The Up-Front Agreement
  • 10. Finding the Right Customer
  • 11. Questioning Strategies
  • 12. Are They Willing and Able?
  • 13. Customer KARE
  • 14. The Seven Steps


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