Sales Engagement: How The World's Fastest Growing Companies are Modernizing Sales Through Humanization at Scale

  • 5h 29m 13s
  • Manny Medina, Max Altschuler
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Sales engagement is how you engage and interact with your potential buyer to create connection, grab attention, and generate enough interest to create a buying opportunity. Sales Engagement details the modern way to build the top of the funnel and generate qualified leads for B2B companies.

This book explores why a sales engagement strategy is so important, and it walks you through the modern sales process to ensure you're effectively connecting with customers every step of the way.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The State of Modern Sales
  • Chapter 2 - How Sales Engagement Solves Seven Major Business Pain Points
  • Chapter 3 - Humanizing Sales with Personas, Personalization, and Relevance
  • Chapter 4 - The Future is Omnichannel and That Future is Now
  • Chapter 5 - Why A/B Testing is Mission-Critical to Any Sales Org
  • Chapter 6 - Achieving Revenue Efficiency: Metrics to Measure in a Modern Sales Org
  • Chapter 7 - The Key to Ramping New Reps Faster
  • Chapter 8 - Account-Based Sales Strategies for the Modern Seller
  • Chapter 9 - How to Align Modern Sales, Success, and Marketing with Sales Engagement
  • Chapter 10 - Building a Modern Sales Tech Stack
  • Chapter 11 - Predicting What's Next in Sales