Secrets to Life and Happiness

  • 2h 26m 6s
  • Chris Widener
  • Made for Success
  • 2018

Everybody is in search of happiness. Everybody. People may have a wide variety of goals in regard to how much money they make or the lifestyle they lead, but the one thing that ties all of humanity together is a desire to be happy in whatever life they choose.

In Secrets to Life and Happiness, best-selling author and world-renowned speaker Chris Widener teaches the secrets to living a happy life. He helps you understand the proper perspectives and mental attitudes that truly happy people implement in their own lives. Chris gives you strategies to help you understand how to live a life completely fulfilled, happy, and filled with joy.

In this Audiobook

  • Lesson 1: Define What Happiness is for You
  • Lesson 2: Develop a Sense of Gratitude and Wonder
  • Lesson 3: Trichotomy of Man
  • Lesson 4: Spiritual Center Disknock
  • Lesson 5: Spiritual Disciplines
  • Lesson 6: Life and Happiness is Emotional Help Bring Yourself to Emotional Help
  • Lesson 7: Physical Fitness
  • Lesson 8: Relationships
  • Lesson 9: Surround Yourself with Great People
  • Lesson 10: Develop a Close Circle of Friends
  • Lesson 11: Love
  • Lesson 12: Forgiveness
  • Lesson 13: Integrity
  • Lesson 14: Generosity
  • Lesson 15: Contentment
  • Lesson 16: Guess
  • Lesson 17: Expectation
  • Lesson 18: Proper Perspective on Stuff
  • Lesson 19: Focus on Solutions not Problem
  • Lesson 20: Focus on What's Important
  • Lesson 21: Don't Compare Yourself the Others
  • Lesson 22: Embrace Struggle
  • Lesson 23: Focus on the Best
  • Lesson 24: About Work and Purpose
  • Lesson 25: Hold Outcomes Glusely
  • Lesson 26: Take Risk
  • Lesson 27: Time Management
  • Lesson 28: Scajual Playings it Happy
  • Lesson 29: Take Daily Action Stored Your Goals
  • Lesson 30: Serve Other People
  • Lesson 31: Death the Ultimate Motivator