Service Fanatics: How to Build Superior Patient Experience the Cleveland Clinic Way

  • 10h 21m 32s
  • James Merlino
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2014

Cleveland Clinic has long been recognized for driving some of the best clinical outcomes in the nation, but it was not always a leader in patient experience. There was a time when this revered organization ranked among the lowest in the country in this area. Within ten years, however, it had climbed to among the highest and has emerged as the thought leader in the space.

How did Cleveland Clinic turn itself around so effectively and so quickly?

More important, how can you do the same with your organization?

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Transformed by the Patient Experience
  • Chapter 2: Patients First as True North
  • Chapter 3: Leading for Change
  • Chapter 4: Describing the Elephant: Defining the Patient Experience and Strategy
  • Chapter 5: Culture Is Critical
  • Chapter 6: Cultural Alignment: The Cleveland Clinic Experience
  • Chapter 7: Physician Involvement Is Vital
  • Chapter 8: Want to Know What Patients Think? Ask!
  • Chapter 9: Execution Is Everything
  • Chapter 10: Healthcare Requires Service Excellence
  • Chapter 11: Doctors Need to Communicate Better
  • Chapter 12: Making Patients Our Partners
  • Chapter 13: Getting It Done Has Defined Our Success


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