Soft Skills for the Professional Services Industry: Principles, Tasks, and Tools for Success

  • 7h 23m 35s
  • Andreas Creutzmann
  • 2022

Essential instruction on soft skills development for working professionals

In Soft Skills for the Professional Services Industry: Principles, Tasks, and Tools for Success, renowned auditing professional, valuator, and author Andreas Creutzmann delivers an essential guide for professionals seeking to upgrade and refine their soft skills. From public speaking to problem solving, digital literacy, and intercultural fluency, the author discusses concrete strategies and practical techniques for professionally trained and credentialed experts to expand their skillset, augment their leadership abilities, and even find more fulfillment in their work.

In the book, listeners will find: ways to manage work-life balance and maintain a positive disposition in the face of challenging and stressful jobs; effective methods for managing and leading staff, partners, and colleagues; and innovative approaches to communicating with clients and coworkers that yield both immediate and long-term positive results. Using auditors as a guide—but relevant to all highly trained professionals, including lawyers, consultants, accountants, doctors, and others—Soft Skills for the Professional Services Industry helps knowledge workers add invaluable skills to their professional repertoire.

About the Author

ANDREAS CREUTZMANN is a valuation expert, entrepreneur and speaker. He is a German CPA (Wirtschaftspruefer), German Tax Consultant (Steuerberater), and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). As the founder and chairman of EACVA, Andreas Creutzmann initiated and established the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) in Europe. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA, calls Andreas an “Industry Titan” of the Valuation Profession. He is a speaker and lecturer in the field of finances, investment, and business valuations as well as in the area of marketing and management of professionals.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Professionals in a Digital World
  • Chapter 1 - Self-Responsibility
  • Chapter 2 - Result Orientation
  • Chapter 3 - Focus
  • Chapter 4 - Leverage Strengths
  • Chapter 5 - Think Positively
  • Chapter 6 - Action Orientation
  • Chapter 7 - Marketing
  • Chapter 8 - Setting Goals
  • Chapter 9 - Planning and Organizing
  • Chapter 10 - Decision Making
  • Chapter 11 - Developing and Promoting People
  • Chapter 12 - Control
  • Chapter 13 - Self-Management
  • Chapter 14 - Mental Training
  • Chapter 15 - Rhetoric
  • Chapter 16 - Effective Communication Tools
  • Chapter 17 - Work-Life-Balanced-Scorecard