Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More

  • 6h 21m 12s
  • Courtney Carver
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2017

Courtney Carver shows us the power of simplicity to improve our health, build more meaningful relationships, and relieve stress in our professional and personal lives.

We are often on a quest for more, giving in to pressure every day to work more, own more, and do more. For Courtney Carver, this constant striving had to come to a stop when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Stress was like gasoline on the fire of her symptoms, and it became clear that she needed to root out the physical and psychological clutter that were the source of her debt and discontent.

In this audiobook, Carver shows us how to pursue practical minimalism so we can create more with less - more space, more time, and even more love. She invites us to look at the big picture, discover what's most important to us, and reclaim lightness and ease by getting rid of all the excess things.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - An Ironic Diagnosis
  • Chapter Two - Let's Go for Ice Cream
  • Chapter Three - Love and other Drugs
  • Chapter Four - Making You
  • Chapter Five - Lessons from the Mat
  • Chapter Six - Do Things You Don't Want to Do
  • Chapter Seven - Fewer Ends
  • Chapter Eight - Put Your Hands on Your Heart
  • Chapter Nine - The Myth of Ownership
  • Chapter Ten - Shopping Away the Pain
  • Chapter Eleven - Is This Love
  • Chapter Twelve - The Magic of Letting Go
  • Chapter Thirteen - Your Money or Your Life
  • Chapter Fourteen - A Simple Invitation
  • Chapter Fifteen - Simple is the New Black
  • Chapter Sixteen - The Upsides of a Downsize
  • Chapter Seventeen - The Sound of Letting Go
  • Chapter Eighteen - Put Your Hands on Your Heart
  • Chapter Nineteen - A Meaningful Morning Routine
  • Chapter Twenty - 1:11
  • Chapter Twenty-One - The Busy Boycott
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - Creating Soul-Centered Work
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - A Gentle Warrior's Manifesto to End Busyness
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - Sabbath
  • Chapter Twenty-Five - Playing Guitar with My Amigos
  • Chapter Twenty-Six - The Art of No-ing
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven - Reclaim the Lost Art of Lingering
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight - Adopt the Pace of Nature
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine - Put Your Hands on Your Heart
  • Chapter Thirty - Memory Boxes
  • Chapter Thirty-One - You Don't Have a Record Player
  • Chapter Thirty-Two - Your Heart's Mission Statement
  • Chapter Thirty-Three - The Victory Lap
  • Chapter Thirty-Four - You are Written All over My Heart
  • Chapter Thirty-Five - Becoming a Saint
  • Chapter Thirty-Six - A Simple Life is Not the End Goal
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven - Simplicity is the Way Back to Love
  • Chapter Thirty-Eight - A Different Kind of More
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine - Calling All Graceful Stumblers
  • Chapter Forty - Put Your Hands on Your Heart


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