Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life

  • 7h 13m 45s
  • Susie Moore
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

In the age of social media, too many people obsess over Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and other digital tokens of popularity. That habit is a symptom of a deeper problem: the need for constant approval.

Too often we live our lives for an audience and miss out on the kind of life we really desire. In Stop Checking Your Likes, author and life coach Susie Moore shows listeners how to escape the "approval trap" and accept themselves as they are right now. With warmth and down-to-earth humor, Moore reveals 14 principles for developing unshakable self-confidence, illustrating her lessons with stories from her experience as a young executive and self-made entrepreneur.

Along the way, she encourages listeners to celebrate their talents, reaffirm their self-worth, and laugh off trolls and naysayers. By recognizing their own unique value, listeners will find the courage to live with freedom and ease, regardless of how many likes they get.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Your Parents Effed You up…Go for it Anyway
  • Chapter 2 - No One Else Knows What They're Doing, Either
  • Chapter 3 - How to Always End up on Top
  • Chapter 4 - So What?
  • Chapter 5 - Love Yourself, Especially When You Don't “Deserve” it
  • Chapter 6 - It's Okay If People Don't Like You
  • Chapter 7 - See the World Through Comedy-Colored Glasses
  • Chapter 8 - Second Opinions aren't Better Than Your First Feeling
  • Chapter 9 - Ask, “What's Missing?”
  • Chapter 10 - Great News: It's Your Fault
  • Chapter 11 - Fall Madly in Love with Rejection
  • Chapter 12 - Ask
  • Chapter 13 - Let it Be Easy
  • Chapter 14 - You're Going to Be Okay