Straight Talk: Influence Skills for Collaboration and Commitment

  • 8h 51m 53s
  • Rick Brandon
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

The costs of faulty communication are enormous for companies. Each year, billions of dollars are lost, precious time is wasted, innovation is thwarted, and morale suffers. But sharpening influence skills can address these challenges and create huge payoffs.

Drawing from thirty-five years of performance improvement experience, Rick Brandon, PhD, trains thousands of people to improve their results and work relationships by improving the clarity and persuasiveness of their communication. Straight Talk is his "edu-taining" workshop-in-a-book for anyone who wants to develop direct, empathetic, and positive communication skills that will benefit themselves, their teammates, and their companies.

It's common sense but not always common practice to work on improving interpersonal skills in order to achieve accountability and a more productive and harmonious work climate. Straight Talk shows how thoughtful changes to communication can create a ripple effect across teams and organizations. Each chapter is packed with practical tips, simple how-to instruction, real-world examples, involvement exercises, and humor, to help listeners build positive influence skills with competence and confidence.

About the Author

Dr. Rick Brandon wrote the Wall Street Journal bestseller Survival of the Savvy: High-Integrity Political Tactics for Career and Company Success, which won book of the month for Fast Company, Forbes, and Institute for Management Studies. He is a distinguished faculty member for the Institute for Management Studies twenty cities around the world. He was IMS’ most widely requested speaker globally. With 35 years of performance improvement experience, Dr. Brandon has directly trained hundreds of thousands of people in workshops and speeches. He has consulted, trained, and presented at companies worldwide, from start-up e-commerce to blue chip companies.

Dr. Brandon earned his PhD in Counseling and Management at the University of Arizona, his M.A. in School Psychology from St. Lawrence University, and his BA in Psychology from Case Western Reserve. He’s taught graduate and undergraduate courses for the University of Bridgeport, College of Saint Rose and the University of Arizona.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: A Workshop-in-a-Book
  • Module 1 - Communication Chaos: The Need for Straight Talk
  • Module 2 - The Straight Talk Mindset: Staying Mentally “F.I.T.”
  • Module 3 - Assertive Speaking: As Simple as “A.B.C.”
  • Module 4 - Active Listening: The “F.E.E.” We Pay
  • Module 5 - Listening Lab: Experimenting with Paraphrasing
  • Module 6 - Advising and Guiding: “Laying on Me”
  • Module 7 - G.A.I.N. Commitment: From Bailing or Bullying, to Buy-In
  • Module 8 - Recognizing: Catch ‘Em Doing It Right
  • Module 9 - Reminding: Tap ‘Em on the Shoulder
  • Module 10 - Confronting: The Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man
  • Module 11 - Disagreeing Agreeably: Using Conversational Aikido


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