Sustainable & Responsible Investing 360°: Lessons Learned from World Class Investors

  • 13h 31m 43s
  • R. Scott Arnell
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

Sustainable & Responsible Investing 360° is a must-listen for anyone wanting to know more about investing for positive social, environmental, and ethical impact-with market returns. These are the stories and tactics of those leading the way as Sustainable and Responsible Investing goes mainstream.

Recent events have exposed the disturbing inequities and injustices of today's interdependent world. But they have also raised awareness of the powerful impact that Sustainable and Responsible investing can have to help remedy some of those societal, economic, and environmental challenges. Scott Arnell's engaging, in-depth conversations with twenty-seven of the world's leading Sustainable and Responsible Investment experts reveal their unique investment journeys, approaches, experiences, tips, strategies, and insights.

Arnell's interviewees have more than 700 years of combined professional investment experience with trillions in assets under management. Along the way, each made a personal and professional commitment to use investing as a proactive force for good. Now they reap not just financial rewards, but the profound satisfaction of knowing that they are helping improve the world and the lives of those in it.

About the Author

R. Scott Arnell is the founding partner of Geneva Capital S.A. (, an alternative investment advisory firm based in Geneva, Switzerland specializing in sustainable & responsible investment opportunities. Since founding Geneva Capital, he has focused on mobilizing private equity investment into companies and investment funds primarily in Europe, Asia and emerging/frontier markets. Prior to founding Geneva Capital, Arnell had over 20 years of international financial & business management experience serving in senior executive international financial & business operations management roles at multiple Fortune 500 companies in the consumer products, high-tech and internet telecoms sectors. He has extensive business experience in Europe, Asia and Latin America and lives in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Mexico.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Why Sustainable & Responsible Investing?
  • Chapter 2 - Why SRI is a Future-Proof Trend
  • Chapter 3 - Aligning Investment Portfolios with SRI Values
  • Chapter 4 - Public Equities
  • Chapter 5 - Fixed Income
  • Chapter 6 - Alternatives: Private Equity
  • Chapter 7 - Alternatives: Private Debt
  • Chapter 8 - Alternatives: Venture Capital
  • Chapter 9 - Real Assets
  • Chapter 10 - Some Closing Thoughts
  • Chapter 11 - Short Lessons Learned – My Closing Questions
  • Chapter 12 - What is the Single Most Important Challenge in SRI Right Now?
  • Chapter 13 - What Do You Know Now That You Wish You Knew When You Started in SRI?
  • Chapter 14 - What’s a Lesson Learned from an Investment that “Ticked All of the Boxes” but Didn’t Work Out?
  • Chapter 15 - What’s a Lesson Learned from an Investment You Were Skeptical of that Did Work Out?
  • Chapter 16 - If Someone Wants to Get into SRI, Where Should They Start?