The Adventure of Sustainable Performance: Beyond ESG Compliance to Leadership in the New Era

  • 8h 4m 14s
  • Dean Sanders, Stuart McLachlan
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

A guidebook for leaders to create value from sustainability and organizational performance.

In The Adventure of Sustainable Performance, the authors share their many years of experience serving clients and driving performance as the world transitions to a net zero carbon future. A future that uses resources sustainably and that seeks social justice. Through storytelling and interviews from many international leaders in business and sustainability, and by anchoring practical advice with evidence and truth, you will find: the avalanche of new regulations and changes to the compliance landscape; the opportunity for value creation beyond compliance box ticking; inspirational stories on how ambitions can be reset; a destination that supports ongoing prosperity for humanity from sustainable performance models; how purpose driven brands generate superior value; the role of "Total Value Systems" as we move from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism models; the relationship between sustainability, talent, and customer attraction; and how digital will play an increasingly important role as the world pivots in response to the climate crisis.

Perfect for executives, managers, directors, and other business leaders, The Adventure of Sustainable Performance is an actionable guidebook for the implementation of value-add sustainability programs.

About the Author

STUART MCLACHLAN is a proven business leader with over 30 years experience in the ESG and sustainability space. He is a founder and CEO of Anthesis Group, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Prior to this, Stuart was a Director on the Board of WSP Group PLC. Passionate about moving from talk to action he has dedicated his career to proving how business can be a force for good, and how superior financial returns are available as a result of authentic purpose.

DEAN SANDERS is Chief Enterprise Officer at Anthesis. He started his career at Jacobs Suchard in brand marketing before setting up GoodBrand in 1997. He has 25 years of experience in building sustainable performance strategies for some of the world’s leading multinational consumer brand companies. Dean serves as an Honorary Fellow at Durham University Business School.

In 1997 Dean Sanders gave up his job leading the marketing team of a multinational food company to launch himself into a new adventure as the founder of one of the earliest advisory firms in sustainability, GoodBrand. In 2013, Stuart McLachlan, with his co-founders, took the step to move from his 17-year career in a large UK based PLC, to start a company designed to move the market from talk to action in sustainability, ESG and climate transition. In 2019, these two entrepreneurs and pioneers merged their enterprises. In The Adventure of Sustainable Performance, the authors share their insights and visions of the future for business, drawing on interviews with leaders working out how to take their organisations beyond the compliance agenda and on to the journey towards impact and performance.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Reality: Today, Tomorrow, and the Peril of Business as Usual
  • Chapter 2 - Strongholds: The Fantasy of the Status Quo
  • Chapter 3 - Disruptions: Change as Never Before
  • Chapter 4 - Reflections: The Insufficiency of Compliance
  • Chapter 5 - Pivot: Mindsets, Models, and Honouring Planetary Boundaries
  • Chapter 6 - Leadership: Leaders, Organisational Will, and Guides
  • Chapter 7 - Natives: How Some Enterprises Are Built for Total Value
  • Chapter 8 - Journeyers: How Established Enterprises Reconfigure for Day
  • Chapter 9 - Value: A Reapproach to Defining and Creating Total Value
  • Conclusion


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