Technical Writing For Dummies, 2nd Edition

  • 7h 58m 42s
  • Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2023

Technical Writing For Dummies is a master class on how to build a career writing user manuals, e-learning, streaming, simulations, and more. Whether you're new to the field, a seasoned professional, or a technical person who needs to write, this guide arms you with the skills you need to cash in on this flourishing world of technical writing. As a tech writer, you'll need a robust skillset that allows you to offer clear and concise documentation for just about anything. This new edition of Technical Writing For Dummies—updated for today's tech writing advances—can get you there.

  • Uncover the basics of technical writing and master common documentation types
  • Get insight into the career paths available
  • Discover new remote collaboration options and cloud-based tools for technical writers
  • Learn how to elevate your documents for high search engine optimization (SEO) rankings
  • Improve your craft to connect with diverse, global audiences

Whether you're a technical writer or technical professional who needs to write—you can learn the best practices of effective technical writing, as well as how to navigate its various formats and platforms.

About the Author

Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts leads business-writing seminars throughout the country and is the author of over 25 books, including 135 Tips for Writing Successful Business Documents. She has appeared on television and radio networks throughout the United States and has been featured and quoted in The New York Times.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Working as a Technical Writer
  • Chapter 2 - Putting Together a Team and a Plan
  • Chapter 3 - Completing a Technical Writing Brief
  • Chapter 4 - Crafting a Draft
  • Chapter 5 - Designing Documents to Enhance the User Experience
  • Chapter 6 - Honing the Tone
  • Chapter 7 - Fine-Tuning toward the Ideal
  • Chapter 8 - Writing User Manuals and More
  • Chapter 9 - Preparing Abstracts
  • Chapter 10 - Creating Spec Sheets
  • Chapter 11 - Generating Questionnaires
  • Chapter 12 - Preparing for Technical Presentations
  • Chapter 13 - Abridging for Executive Summaries
  • Chapter 14 - Collaborating with Others
  • Chapter 15 - Videoconferencing
  • Chapter 16 - Offering eLearning
  • Chapter 17 - Surfing the Net
  • Chapter 18 - Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 19 - Ten Tips for Writing a Whitepaper
  • Chapter 20 - Ten Tips for Publishing in a Technical Journal
  • Chapter 21 - Ten Frustrations of Technical Writers


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