The Art of Talking to Anyone: Essential People Skills for Success in Any Situation

  • 3h 54m 12s
  • Rosalie Maggio
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2005

If you want to improve your conversational skills—and achieve greater levels of personal and professional success—The Art of Talking to Anyone is the ultimate book. Rosalie Maggio has built a career on teaching people how to say the right thing at the right time—and she's made her techniques available to you.

The Art of Talking to Anyone includes:

  • Sample dialogues, topics, and responses
  • Quick-reference dos and don'ts
  • Tips for handling special situations
  • Confidence-building advice and quotations
  • Key words that get to the business at hand

Whether it's small talk or big, social or work-related, The Art of Talking to Anyone gives you all the tools you need to speak up with confidence, to charm and persuade, and to talk your way through any situation—successfully.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: How to Succeed in Any Conversation: From Start to Finish
  • Chapter 2: How to Be Universally Liked
  • Chapter 3: How to Listen Successfully
  • Chapter 4: How to Ask and Answer Questions
  • Chapter 5: How and When to Tell Jokes
  • Chapter 6: How to Deal With Conversational Predicaments
  • Chapter 7: How to Be an Unpopular Conversationalist
  • Chapter 8: Talking With Anyone in the Workplace
  • Chapter 9: Talking With Anyone at Meetings and Conferences
  • Chapter 10: Talking With Anyone at Business-Social Events
  • Chapter 11: Talking With Anyone at Social Events
  • Chapter 12: Talking With Anyone in Public Places
  • Chapter 13: Talking With Anyone on the Telephone
  • Chapter 14: Talking With Anyone in Times of Trouble
  • Chapter 15: Talking With Family and Friends
  • Chapter 16: Talking With Romance in Mind


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