Communication Essentials

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Become a better communicator using these practical strategies on presentation skills, listening, body language, and writing well. Learn to communicate more effectively and confidently in your day-to-day interactions with colleagues, customers, and family. 


Communicating with Confidence

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    Communicating with Confidence
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    What Makes a Good Communicator?
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Communicating with Confidence
Communicating with confidence is critical to your message being successfully received. Feeling confident in a high stakes situation is not always easy but with effort, confidence can be cultivated and improved. In this course, you'll learn about being an effective speaker. You'll discover ways to prepare, techniques to avoid being nervous and how to use your voice and body language to communicate with self-confidence.
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The Art and Science of Communication
There is a science behind communication, including how we react neuro-physiologically to others – through verbal communication such as their words and tone, as well as the non-verbal communication of their actions and body language. There's also an art to communication, allowing your authentic self to shine through and allowing the exchange with another person to unfold naturally. In this course, you’ll learn about the art and science of communication. You’ll explore techniques for connecting with your audience and building trust with them so that your communication intention is clear and understood. You’ll also learn the basic principles of assertive communication that is positive and not aggressive.
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Making an Impact with Non-verbal Communication
There are many parts of the brain that have not changed much since the time of our earliest ancestors. We are still wired to respond automatically when we're afraid, threatened, disgusted, surprised, or happy. But we've come a long way in our development and understanding of non-verbal communication mechanisms. In this course, you’ll learn how our attitude and tone, as well as body language such as posture, gestures, and facial expressions, can have significant impact on the way we communicate. You’ll explore techniques to help you project a positive attitude and presence. You’ll also discover how to read other people’s body language.
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Trust Building through Effective Communication
Building  relationships with the people you want to  communicate with is key to making communication effective. And building trust is essential to forging meaningful working relationships. In this course, you'll explore the necessity of clearly presenting your information and intentions as the basis of  effective communication. You'll see how understanding your audience ensures that your message is delivered in such a way so to maximize its impact and how managing your emotions allows you to adapt to the emotional needs of others to build trust. Finally, you'll learn how verbal communication combines with body language and vocal tone to better convey your message effectively.
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Choosing the Right Interpersonal Communication Method to Make Your Point
Do you ever feel that a lack of email productivity is frustrating the effectiveness of your written communication? Are poor verbal communication skills holding you back? Choosing the right communication method for the situation has a huge impact on how your message is received. This course explores the importance of choosing the right communication method to best convey your message. You'll learn how to select the proper methods for building trust, conveying your ideas, and targeting your method to your intended audience. The right communication method improves the odds of getting your point across and communicating effectively, leaving your audience informed, enlightened, and engaged.
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Become a Great Listener
Communication is a two-way process – while one person provides information, another must not only understand what is meant, but also show that they’re being receptive to that information. This requires strong listening skills – a vital asset in any business environment. In this course, you'll work on sharpening your listening skills and getting yourself in the right receptive mindset for communicating. You'll learn how to recognize the behaviors that indicate receptivity, as well as to identify the different types of listener. You’ll also learn how to ask the right questions to ensure that you understand what is being communicated.
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Do We Have A Failure to Communicate?
Communicating effectively can be challenging when having difficult conversations. Because these challenges typically involve emotions such as hurt, anger, or confusion, it's not uncommon for people to avoid one another or shut down, preventing what could be a productive exchange at many levels. In this course, you'll examine some common communication challenges and how you can successfully navigate them. By showing patience, perseverance, and accountability, you can effectively deal with tough conversations, communicate your message, and reach mutual understanding and agreement.
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Proven Techniques for Technical Communication
Communicating technical information can be a challenging task. Whether you’re a technical guru or someone less experienced, and whether your audience is made up of experts or novices, you need proven strategies to succeed. In this course, you will learn techniques for conveying technical information in an easy-to-understand manner for a variety of audiences.