The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes On the Disaster Capitalists

  • 1h 43m 17s
  • Naomi Klein
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2018

In the rubble of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans and ultrarich “Puertopians” are locked in a pitched struggle over how to remake the island.

In this vital and startling investigation, New York Times bestselling author and activist Naomi Klein uncovers how the forces of shock politics and disaster capitalism seek to undermine the nation’s radical, resilient vision for a “just recovery.”

In this Audiobook

  • A Solar Oasis
  • Invasion of the Puertopians
  • An Island Weary of Outside Experiments
  • “Welcome to Magic Land”
  • Shock-After-Shock-After-Shock Doctrine
  • Desperation, Distraction, Despair, and Disappearance
  • The Islands of Sovereignty Converge
  • Race Against Time