The Business of Belonging: How to Make Community your Competitive Advantage

  • 6h 19m 19s
  • David Spinks
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

Your business problems are community problems. Solve them and scale with help from the leader in the field.

The world's most successful businesses leaders understand that creating a shared social identity around their products and services is the most efficient path to scaling revenue, differentiating products, promoting customer success and retention, and seizing category ownership. The Business of Belonging: How to Make Community Your Competitive Advantage is the definitive playbook for doing just that. CMX founder David Spinks offers step-by-step advice for creating community strategy, aligning it with your business objectives, and launching and managing a community of end users that will be your best marketer, salesperson, customer service provider, and evangelist.

The Business of Belonging tackles topics like: the SPACES and the six key drivers of community success: Support, Product, Acquisition, Contribution, Engagement, and Success; how to measure the ROI of community initiatives and outcomes; the anatomy, lifecycle, and member journey of a business community; and designing, facilitating, and moderating shared spaces for your community members. For leaders driving the bottom line and community professionals alike, The Business of Belonging is the definitive resource for making community a priority.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Why Community is the New Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 2 - The Fundamentals of Community Strategy
  • Chapter 3 - Creating a Social Identity
  • Chapter 4 - Mapping the Community Participation Journey
  • Chapter 5 - Validation, Rewards, and Incentives
  • Chapter 6 - Designing Community Spaces and Experiences
  • Chapter 7 - Activating Community Engagement


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