The End of Work: Why Your Passion Can Become Your Job

  • 4h 37m 14s
  • John Tamny
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2018

Forget the doomsday predictions of sour-faced nostalgists who say automation and globalization will take away your dream job. The job market is only going to get better and better, according to economist John Tamny, who argues in The End of Work that the greatest gift of prosperity, beyond freedom from painful want, is the existence of work that is interesting.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Why College Football Players Should Major in College Football
  • Chapter 2 - Intelligence and Passion Don't Stop at Football
  • Chapter 3 - Education Isn't Meaningless, But it's Grossly Overrated
  • Chapter 4 - What was Once Silly is Now Serious
  • Chapter 5 - Abundant Profits Make Possible the Work That Isn't
  • Chapter 6 - The Millennial Generation Will Be the Richest Yet—Until the Next One
  • Chapter 7 - My Story
  • Chapter 8 - The “Venture Buyer”
  • Chapter 9 - Why We Need People with Money to Burn
  • Chapter 10 - Love Your Robot, Love Your Job
  • Chapter 11 - Come Inside and Turn on the Xbox, You Have Work to Do


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