The First Two Hours: Make Better Use of Your Most Valuable Time

  • 2h 27m 42s
  • Donna McGeorge
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Are you drowning in email? Overloaded with calendar invitations? Frustrated by wasteful meetings and an ever-growing workload? Then you know that being busy does not mean being productive. Most workers are being asked to take on more responsibilities with less support, advised to simply "be innovative." But you only have a finite amount of energy and thinking capacity available to you in a day. Most of us are wasting it on things that aren't contributing to our most important work: the activities that require problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking.

Developed for business professionals, The First Two Hours teaches you how to design your day, rather than be at the mercy of it. Using research on neuroscience, energy flow, and the body's natural rhythms, it divides the workday into manageable blocks and helps you determine when you are most resourceful, and therefore when you should complete your most demanding tasks.

In a time of near-constant information overload, this practical handbook helps you focus on getting done what you need to get done, when you are best able to do it. By learning to invest your energy strategically, you can be in the driver's seat every work day and achieve a level of productivity beyond what you thought possible.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Discover What Affects Your Capacity (and Your Day)
  • Chapter 2: Lay the Foundation for Productivity
  • Chapter 3: Design Your Best Day
  • Chapter 4: First 2 Hours — Proactive
  • Chapter 5: Second 2 Hours — Reactive
  • Chapter 6: Third 2 Hours — Active
  • Chapter 7: Fourth 2 Hours — Preactive