The Law of Small Things: Creating a Habit of Integrity in a Culture of Mistrust

  • 4h 40m 17s
  • Stuart H. Brody
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2019

The Law of Small Things begins with an IQ (integrity quotient) test designed to reveal the casual way we regard our promises and the misconceptions we have about acting truthfully. The audiobook shows how most people believe integrity is something we "just have" and that we just do, like a Nike commercial. It depicts these and other deceptions we deploy to appear to act with integrity without actually doing so.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 An Inconsequential Untruth: They call it a “white lie” because we still feel pure after telling it.
  • Chapter 2 The Small Evasions of Everyday Life: Which emails do you ignore?
  • Chapter 3 Free Dinner on a Friend's Expense Account: Benign benevolence or freeloading on community trust?
  • Chapter 4 The Truth about Lying: When is an untruth a lie and when is it “just a story”?
  • Chapter 5 To Thine Own Self Be True: Who made “thine own self” the center of the moral universe?
  • Chapter 6 Freedom Is No Bargain: Buying fancy apparel at cut-rate prices on big-city street corners
  • Chapter 7 Just Do the Right Thing: But what if there are two “right things”?
  • Chapter 8 Hogging a Table at Starbucks: The duty of civility in public places
  • Chapter 9 Retaliation and the Practice of Integrity: When the bastard never gets back to you
  • Chapter 10 The Trip of a Lifetime: Achieving a cherished goal or saving a life?
  • Chapter 11 The Crippling Use of Handicap Permits: Is it your place to confront permit cheats?
  • Chapter 12 A Contest of Wills: “I know what Dad said, but if it's not in the will …”
  • Chapter 13 Your Cousin's Keeper: When a family member deceives the public
  • Chapter 14 Taking Stock of Your Portfolio: “I just do whatever my broker says.”
  • Chapter 15 Into Thin Air: The ethics of listening to public radio without contributing
  • Chapter 16 Your Obstinate Car Mechanic: “This is an emergency. How dare he make me wait?”
  • Chapter 17 Coping with Copyright Laws and Other Pesky Implied Promises: “No harm, no foul.”
  • Chapter 18 Your Coworker's Impending Layoff: Do you warn him or obey the boss and keep quiet?
  • Chapter 19 Purveying Falsehood for a Living: “What the client says goes, right?”
  • Chapter 20 Pressure to Make Quota: “I either make it or it breaks me.”
  • Chapter 21 Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: “Of course we're against it, but he's just too powerful.”
  • Chapter 22 Your Company's New Mission Statement: Coping with hypocrisy, duplicity, and sheer nonsense in the workplace
  • Chapter 23 Bribing Foreign Officials: “But that's the way they do business here.”
  • Chapter 24 How Do You Know When You Don't Know That You Don't Know?: “I'd rather pretend I knew.”
  • Chapter 25 “I Meant to Put in a Good Word for You; I Really Did.”: “I've blown my integrity. Now what do I do?”
  • Chapter 26 The Lying Truth about Negative Campaign Advertisements: “But it's the only way to win.”
  • Chapter 27 Break Your Promise and Run for a Third Term: “If they don't like it, they can vote for the other guy.”
  • Chapter 28 The Dysfunction of Partisanship: “It's just politics.”
  • Chapter 29 Paying Special Attention to a Campaign Contributor: To serve truthfulness in politics, is there any room for loyalty?
  • Chapter 30 Failing to Prepare for a Vote or a Meeting: “Family comes first.”
  • Chapter 31 “I've Just Had It with This Guy.”: Holding back when you have every “right” to strike back


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