The Morning Myth: How Every Night Owl Can Become More Productive, Successful, Happier, and Healthier

  • 6h 50m 14s
  • Frank J. Rumbauskas
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

Society largely praises early risers, while maligning so-called "night owls." However, countless research studies have consistently shown that night owls are more successful and wealthier than early risers.

The Morning Myth is intended to show that, indeed, night owls are generally more successful in life than early risers. The book is intended to restore self-confidence to night owls and help them to achieve more on their natural schedules, and also to inform employers on just how much productivity they're losing by forcing night owls to be at work bright and early, and advising them on how to schedule both early risers and night owls for maximum productivity to the employer and maximum happiness to the employee.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Confessions of a Stigmatized Night Owl: How Early Rising Nearly Destroyed My Business (and Did Destroy My Education)
  • Chapter 2 - The Brainwashing: Society Stigmatizes Night Owls—and People Buy it
  • Chapter 3 - The Prison: How Our Society's Discrimination Harms Night Owls
  • Chapter 4 - Studies Favoring Morning Larks are Fatally Flawed: Our Society is Rigged in Favor of Early Birds
  • Chapter 5 - Fighting Your Internal Clock is Harmful to Your Health: Getting up Too Early Can Actually Give You Diabetes
  • Chapter 6 - Your Circadian Rhythm—and Why You Can't Change it: The Internal Clock You're Born with is the One You're Stuck with
  • Chapter 7 - Night Owls are More Successful: The Early Birds Just Don't Make as Much Money
  • Chapter 8 - Night Owls are Smarter Than Early Risers: Night Owls Show Overall Higher Intelligence Than Morning People
  • Chapter 9 - Night Owls are More Productive: Want to Get More Done? Stay up Later!
  • Chapter 10 - Night Owls are More Creative: Creativity Flourishes after the Early Birds Have Crashed
  • Chapter 11 - Night Owls are More Relaxed: Getting up Early is Stressful (but You Already Knew That)
  • Chapter 12 - Night Owl Discrimination and Sleep-Shaming: The Time Has Come to End Discrimination Against Night Owls
  • Chapter 13 - Diet, Nutrition, and Other Secrets to Better, Deeper Sleep
  • Chapter 14 - Mitigating the Health Risks of Early Rising: Stay Healthy and Let the Early Birds “Sleep When They're Dead”
  • Chapter 15 - How Flexible Work Hours Benefit Employers: Why Employers Who Force Morning Schedules are Losing Money


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