The Power of Positive Selling

  • 4h 22m 56s
  • Dan Strutzel, Traci Shoblom
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Good sales relationships don't just happen. They must be nurtured and developed. From ancient trade routes to modern Internet platforms, sales is one of the world's oldest professions. Throughout the ages, there have been as many ways to sell as there are customers who want to buy. But whether you're a novice or seasoned sales person, no matter what your product or service there is one truth that crosses all boundaries in selling. Selling depends on a relationship. That relationship might last only a few minutes, or extend through an entire lifetime, but in order to conduct a sales transaction, there must be a relationship.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Planning
  • 2. Product Knowledge
  • 3. Customer Understanding
  • 4. Competition Management
  • 5. The Invitation: Communicating with Leads
  • 6. Know Thyself: The Seller's Needs and Wants
  • 7. Building Rapport (The Don Draper Way)
  • 8. The Buyer's Needs and Wants: The Power of Listening
  • 9. The Conversation: The Power of Stories
  • 10. The Offer and the Ask
  • 11. Objections, Doubts, and Dollars
  • 12. Handling the Disconnect: Prospects and Customers Who are Different from You
  • 13. Know When the Party is Over: How Not to Lose the Sale
  • 14. Follow-up, Feedback, and Referrals


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