The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide To Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job

  • 14h 42m 7s
  • Karen Kelsky
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2015

The Professor Is In is the definitive career guide for grad students, adjuncts, post-docs, and anyone else who is eager to turn their PhD into their ideal job.

In this Audiobook

  • One: The End of an Era
  • Two: Breaking Out of the Ivory Tower
  • Three: The Myths Grad Students Believe
  • Four: The Tenure Track Job Search Process Explained
  • Five: Stop Acting Like a Grad Student!
  • Six: The Attributes of a Competitive Tenure Track Candidate
  • Seven: Building a Competitive Record
  • Eight: Your Campaign Platform
  • Nine: Why They Want to Reject You
  • Ten: When to Go on the Market and How Long to Try
  • Eleven: Where are the Jobs? Institution Types and Ranks
  • Twelve: Where and How to Find Reliable Advice
  • Thirteen: Why “Yourself” is the Last Person You Should Be
  • Fourteen: Take Control of Your CV
  • Fifteen: Getting Teaching Experience
  • Sixteen: Publish This, Not That
  • Seventeen: Why You Want and Need Grants
  • Eighteen: Cultivating Your References
  • Nineteen: Applying to Conferences
  • Twenty: How to Work the Conference
  • Twenty-One: The Academic Skepticism Principle
  • Twenty-Two: What's Wrong with Your Cover Letter
  • Twenty-Three: Tailoring with Dignity
  • Twenty-Four: Rules of the Academic CV
  • Twenty-Five: Just Say No to the Weepy Teaching Statement
  • Twenty-Six: Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness
  • Twenty-Seven: The Research Statement
  • Twenty-Eight: What is a Diversity Statement, Anyway?
  • Twenty-Nine: The Dissertation Abstract
  • Thirty: Academic Job Interview Basics
  • Thirty-One: The Key Questions in an Academic Interview
  • Thirty-Two: The Conference Interview (Including Phone and Skype)
  • Thirty-Three: The Campus Visit
  • Thirty-Four: The Job Talk
  • Thirty-Five: The Teaching Demo
  • Thirty-Six: How to Talk to the Dean
  • Thirty-Seven: They Said What? Handling Outrageous Questions
  • Thirty-Eight: Waiting, Wondering, Wiki
  • Thirty-Nine: Good Job Candidates Gone Bad
  • Forty: Fear of the Inside Candidate
  • Forty One: Wrangling Recalcitrant References
  • Forty Two: Managing Your Online Presence
  • Forty Three: Evaluating Campus Climate
  • Forty Four: When You Feel Like You Don't Belong
  • Forty Five: What If You're Pregnant?
  • Forty Six: What Not to Wear
  • Forty Seven: Covering the Costs
  • Forty-Eight: Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate
  • Forty-Nine: The Rare and Elusive Partner Hire
  • Fifty: The Rescinded Offer—Who Is In the Wrong?
  • Fifty-One: The Foolproof Grant Template
  • Fifty-Two: Proving Your Project is Worthy
  • Fifty-Three: The Postdoc Application: How it's Different and Why
  • Fifty-Four: The Good and the Bad of Postdocs
  • Fifty-Five: Best Advisors, Worst Advisors
  • Fifty-Six: A Good Advisor is Not Nice
  • Fifty-Seven: Ph.D. Debt and Ethical Advising
  • Fifty-Eight: It's OK to Quit
  • Fifty-Nine: Let Yourself Dream
  • Sixty: 100+ Skills That Translate Outside the Academy
  • Sixty-One: Collecting Information
  • Sixty-Two: Applying While Ph.D.
  • Sixty-Three: Breaking Free: The Path of the Entrepreneur


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