The Right Fight: How Great Leaders Use Healthy Conflict to Drive Performance, Innovation, and Value

  • 6h 6m 37s
  • Damon Beyer, Saj-nicole Joni
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2010

Business strategists Saj-nicole Joni and Damon Beyer argue that carefully created and managed tensions in the workplace can drive performance.

In this Audiobook

  • CHAPTER ONE Alignment Is Not the Whole Answer
  • CHAPTER TWO Three Kinds of Fights Not Worth Fighting
  • CHAPTER THREE “Jack Sparr” Takes on a Right Fight
  • CHAPTER FOUR Right Fight Principle #1: Make It Material
  • CHAPTER FIVE Right Fight Principle #2: Focus on the Future, Not the Past
  • CHAPTER SIX Right Fight Principle #3: Pursue a Noble Purpose
  • CHAPTER SEVEN Right Fight Principle #4: Make It Sport, Not War
  • CHAPTER EIGHT Right Fight Principle #5: Structure Formally but Work Informally
  • CHAPTER NINE Right Fight Principle #6: Turn Pain into Gain
  • CHAPTER TEN Conclusion
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN Is the Challenge Worth a Right Fight? Right Fight Decision Principles—Assessment Tool


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