The Smartest Places on Earth: Why Rustbelts are the Emerging Hotspots of Global Innovation

  • 7h 8m 21s
  • Antoine van Agtmael, Fred Bakker
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2016

Antoine van Agtmael coined the term "emerging markets" and built a career and a multibillion-dollar investing firm centered on these surging economies that would, over time, supplant the West as engines of wealth and prosperity. The trend held for decades, but a few years ago van Agtmael and Alfred Bakker, a renowned European journalist, began seeing signs that the tide might be turning. For example, during a visit to an enormously successful chip company in Taiwan, the company's leaders told them that their American competitors were now eating their lunch. And Taiwan was not the only place giving them this message.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One: Sharing Brainpower and Smart Manufacturing—How a Rustbelt Becomes a Brainbelt
  • Chapter Two: Connectors Creating Communities—Hives of Innovation in Chips and Sensors
  • Chapter Three: Making a New Movie of an Old Story—Dramatic Scenarios of New Materials Development
  • Chapter Four: White Coats and Blue Collars—Cross-Boundary Collaborations in Bioscience and Medical Devices
  • Chapter Five: A Smarter World—How Brainsharing Can Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century
  • Chapter Six: Awakening the Beauties—Could Your Region Be One of the Smartest Places on Earth?