The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store

  • 5h 33m 4s
  • Cait Flanders
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

In her late twenties, Cait Flanders found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat. When she realized that nothing she was doing or buying was making her happy, she decided to set herself a challenge: she would not shop for an entire year.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - July: Taking Inventory
  • Chapter 2 - August: Changing Daily Habits
  • Chapter 3 - September: Breaking Up with Retail Therapy
  • Chapter 4 - October: Growing Up and Apart
  • Chapter 5 - November: Blacking Out and Coming To
  • Chapter 6 - December: Crafting New Traditions
  • Chapter 7 - January: Rewriting the Rules
  • Chapter 8 - February: Letting Go of the Future
  • Chapter 9 - March: Lightening Up
  • Chapter 10 - April: Planning My Exit
  • Chapter 11 - May: Finding Myself in Unusual Places
  • Chapter 12 - June: Packing Up and Moving On