The Yes Factor: Get What You Want. Say What You Mean. The Secrets of Persuasive Communication

  • 8h 10m 17s
  • Tonya Reiman
  • Gildan Media
  • 2011

Combining verbal and nonverbal tricks-identifying types of communications, recognizing subconscious motivations, and adopting covert communication techniques, The Yes Factor is a simple approach to influencing and framing communication so that your message resounds clearly, ensuring that your ideas are implemented effectively and that you present your best possible self.

In this Audiobook

  • ONE Body Language Basics
  • TWO Your Three-Pound Enigma: How Your Brain Rules Your Life
  • THREE The Critical Factor: Bypassing the No Barrier
  • FOUR “So Tell Me About Yourself.” The Hidden Meaning and How to Address It
  • FIVE The Right Frame Is Worth a Thousand Words
  • SIX Getting into Someone Else's World
  • SEVEN Priming: Plant Positive Verbal Seeds
  • EIGHT Mirror, Mirror
  • NINE Anchor the Moment
  • TEN Body Language Essentials
  • ELEVEN The Anatomy of Gestures: Body
  • TWELVE The Anatomy of Gestures: Head and Face
  • THIRTEEN Adventures in Inner Space
  • FOURTEEN Take a Seat: Establishing Your Authority
  • FIFTEEN The Power of Your Voice
  • SIXTEEN The Scent of Success
  • SEVENTEEN The Basics of Bonding
  • EIGHTEEN Image: Putting On Your Professional Costume and Making It Fit
  • NINETEEN Icebreaker Storytelling: Planned, Not Canned
  • TWENTY Gender Differences in Communication
  • TWENTY-ONE Psychological Secrets That Sway
  • TWENTY-TWO Magnetism: What It Is and How to Get It


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